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Political Engagement

ONEOK’s business operations are affected by federal, state and local regulations and public policy decisions. Our active participation in the policy decisions that affect our employees, business, customers and the communities where we operate is essential to the success of our business.

ONEOK Inc. does not make corporate contributions to (1) political candidates, parties, committees or campaigns; (2) 527 groups (such as governors associations or super PACs); or (3) 501(c)(4) organizations (or other tax exempt entities) formed for political purposes.  In addition, in most circumstances ONEOK, Inc. will not make contributions designed to influence the outcome of ballot measures. However, ONEOK, Inc. has in the past, and may in the future, support or oppose specific ballot measures that could impact the company, its employees, assets or operations. In the event ONEOK, Inc. decides to support or oppose a particular ballot measure, the company will provide the appropriate disclosure of such support or opposition, including any corporate funds expended for that purpose.